Drywall Repair

Seamless Repairs for All
Walls and Ceilings. Every Type of Damage

Drywall repair & restoration is done to help restore the look of your drywall if it has been damaged by abrasion or neglect. While Sheetrock is a brand name for a type of drywall, the repair process is the same, with spackling paste used to fill in holes and scratches. The surface is then scraped down and a fresh layer of paint is applied.

Whether you have one small hole or a wall full of them, The City Painting LLC will properly patch your damaged drywall in less time and with less mess.

Texture Matching For
Your Walls & Ceilings

At City Painting LLC, we are experts at fixing and matching textured walls and ceilings, so there are zero lines, shadows, or uneven finishes left behind after repairs.

When your walls and ceilings have uneven or mismatched textures, it can be pretty hard to ignore. Textured walls and ceilings may be better at disguising minor damage, but when serious damage occurs and repairs are needed, those repairs can end up standing out more than the damage if the texture isn’t matched properly. As drywall repair experts, At City Painting LLC, we make sure this doesn’t happen.

Clean & Careful
Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is a time-consuming, irritating, and labor-intensive operation. It’s also a complex one that can cause unnecessary harm to your walls that can be difficult to fix if done poorly by someone who has the requisite knowledge. Our consumers trust our services because of our ability to offer flawless outcomes. Our workers employ the best wallpaper removal gear available, from simple scraping and sanding tools to heavy-duty industrial steamers. They will do the project faster and better than any DIY enthusiast due to our many years of professional expertise.


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